Work with Total Health to upgrade employee wellbeing from the back burner into the very heart of your long term business success.


Total Health has designed and delivered leadership training in resilience, mindfulness, physical and mental energy within the workplace for over a decade. With success across 3 continents and over 2,000 employees, we understand the pressures and demands of business and how to help your team thrive. Reach your business potential with  healthy, happy and productive teams.


Why Total Health at Work?


Stress and burn out are on the rise. The world of work is changing and employee wellbeing is one of the biggest challenges facing the HR profession today. Organisations with a clearly defined wellbeing strategy are still in the minority but by prioritising the physical and mental health of their people, they’re consistently outperforming their competitors in every metric that matters. You’re ready to join this group because the top wellbeing businesses boost their bottom line and secure their future with:

Better talent acquisition and retention
Less absence and illness
Greater employee engagement and commitment
More cohesive teams
Greater individual and team resilience


So Why Isn’t Wellbeing Working Yet?

We put wellbeing off because it’s easy to overlook global, generalised statistics. We acknowledge that yes, there’s a growing problem ‘out there’ but we’re doing ok, aren’t we? It’s too easy to prioritise new accounting systems or product launches because the real pain of low morale and highly stressed employees is hiding. It isn’t evident in weekly or monthly progress reports because it lurks in diminished productivity, morale and employee churn numbers. We don’t know what peak performance looks like, until we unleash it.

“We know that all the research shows that productivity, engagement, and loyalty go up and attrition goes down when organizations invest in their people’s well-being. Since attracting and retaining the best talent is so important to success, why wouldn’t organizations prioritize well-being?”

Jen Fisher, Managing Director of Wellbeing, Deloitte


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