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About Total Health

From one to one training to complete workplace wellness solutions, Total Health helps individuals and organisations achieve lasting results. With an integrated approach to wellness, Total Health addresses nutrition, exercise, stress management and recovery with a variety of programs and services tailored to your needs.

Workplace Wellness

Total Health delivers the most comprehensive Workplace Wellness programmes available. Tailored to your organisations environment, we provide the tools for sustainable health and wellbeing. To discuss your unique needs please contact us. Why not read more about Wellness at Work?

About Total Health

Total Health is dedicated to the Art and Science of living well. Total Health’s team of professionals excel in their areas of expertise including fitness, stress management, nutrition and diet. Our skill is in drawing together the most relevant, usable information on health and wellbeing that allows us to deliver integrated programmes tailored to the individual and Workplace Wellness strategies that positively impact on everyone involved. Our approach is a personal one. We pride ourselves in finding out just what you need and encouraging you every step of the way to make changes that last.

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