1st February 2015 - Instructional

15lbs in 14 Days

So how did we help one of our clients lose 15lbs in 14 days without any fad or extreme diet? Let me tell you how….. Our client Carole came to us after a long period of intense training for a chrity race and was not losing the weight that she wanted to. She was eating reasonably well but probably being a little too restrictive and was not resting much and within a 6 month period she had not lost any weight. Along with this Carole had been through a stressful time and was taking on intensive study at the same time of starting our Total Health programme.

Our approach is to always look after our client’s health first of all and believe that once your body is functioning as well as possible the asthetics will follow. So with Carole we had to look at the whole lifestyle as we alwyas do and see that she was in a cycle of stress that was breaking her body down and depleting her energy levels drastically. Now intense training can be  useful for weight loss and fat burning but in this case it was just stressing the body even further, eating into recovery and most likely storing fat. Read our stress less articles to find out why this happens. We realised that Carole had to reverse this cycle of stress and work at low level of intensity to make any progression. It was also the time of year when it was changing from autumn to winter and our experience shows that intensive work around this time is harder for the body to deal with. So we began our 12 week Total Health programme with a strict recovery programme for 14 days. Carole was a bit sceptical that we were asking her to go from intensive circuit classes & running to yoga, breath work, dog walking and sleeping to help get the results she wanted.

We knew this was what our client needed though so we explained why and to her credit she stuck to everything precisely. We supplemented this relaxation programme with a very natural diet of lots of raw high alkaline veg and good proteins. Carole never once went hungry and was eating more than she did previously but it was all nutrient rich food that would help her function better. Throughout this time Carole’s energy levels were increasing day by day and was able to focus and concentrate on her studies with a clear head. Our programme included regular massage treatments to relieve any deep tension and clear the body of toxins. We reviewed everything after 14 days and the weigh in results had shown that she had lost 15lbs within this time. It was a great achievement and took so much dedication from Carole. It may not sound demanding but she followed every single thing as we planned and this was very difficult to keep this discipline for someone who had used such high energy methods before. The results were amazing and not every case would produce these kind of results but it did prove our point that your health is the most important thing and once the body is balance you are giving it the best chance of achieving the asthetics you want. Carole went on to lose another 9lbs over the next 10 weeks and although we limited her diet less and gave her more freedom she was enjoying what she was doing and satisfied with her diet. Nearly 2 years on and Carole has kept the weight off and has excelled in her fitness work and yes she does use small periods of high intense training to improve her fitness now but when it is right for her body to do so. We are not saying that this would be the best approach for everyone, you would possibly start a Total Health programme and once we had assessed your lifestyle we may advise ramping everything up a notch. It all depends on the individual and their life at that time. If one approach isn’t working, do not be afraid to change, keep working towards your goal and assessing everything as you go. Do remember the Total Health system of regular exercise, a balanced diet and regular recovery to improve energy, motivation and health when planning your routine. Go to the testimonials page to read Carole’s story from her point of view.

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