1st February 2015 - Instructional

7 Daily Detox Methods to Use Throughout the Party Season!

So the party season has arrived once again and I bet most of you just can’t wait until it gets to Boxing Day when you can chill out on the sofa for a day! It gets to the end of a long hard year and winter has taken its toll on everyone by this point so the festive season can be really exhausting. For this reason we thought that we would give you some tips on how to cleanse the body on a daily basis throughout party season so that you can have the energy to enjoy yourself at the Xmas parties and then recover to do it all again. By performing these simple cleansing techniques on a daily basis you will be stimulating your internal organs, boosting the immune system and clearing some of the toxins that build up:

    • Start your day with warm water & lemon- this is a really simple way to cleanse the colon the day after the night before. You will also be hydrating the body (most issues of hangovers and tiredness come from dehydration) and reducing the acid within your system. You can spice this drink up with lime, ginger, honey etc.
    • Perform a daily stomach massage- after your water & lemon has gone down increase blood flow, function and digestion within the colon by lightly massaging your stomach area. You start at the bottom right hand side of your stomach by just lightly pressing and rubbing as you work your way up your core area, underneath your ribs. Then continue massaging along the top of the stomach area from right to left then work your way down from top left corner to the bottom left corner of the stomach. This will help elimination and prevent processed foods that irritate the stomach from clogging the system up, which will also increase energy. Below is a diagram of the colon (large intestine) to help understand the area you are massaging.
  • Take a daily probiotic supplement- probiotics help create a healthy environment within the stomach and can help kill bad parasites and fungal infections so it is a great supplement to take throughout the party season. Fungal infections and bad bacteria feed off sugar (which will be increased drastically with alcohol and sweets over Xmas) and processed foods. No doubt you will be taking in more of these food sources during December so it is vital that you are helping create a healthy environment within the gut to counteract this.
  • Practice breathing exercises throughout your day- one of the best ways to detox is by clearing toxins out and replacing it with clean new oxygen. Toxins can gather up within the blood if not being cleared out & can become noxious within the body. Deep breathing exercises help clear those toxins out and nourish the body with oxygen. If you are only breathing shallow or normally, you won’t clear a lot of the toxins out of the body, especially around the lung area, which can then create colds, flu, chest infections and sometimes pneumonia. Check out the breathing exercises video on our youtube page:
  • Keep moving- movement will stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps clear waste, dead blood cells and toxins. It is important that you aren’t exercising too intensely the day after ‘the night before’ as this will create more toxins and acid within the system but light to moderate exercise is ideal for clearing out toxins. Follow our mobility exercise videos on our youtube channel.
  • Replace coffee for green tea- you may still need that caffeine kick to give you some energy the day after a party but if you replace coffee for green tea, you will still be getting lots of caffeine in but cleansing the body also. Coffee will dehydrate you where green tea will do the opposite and it is also high in anti-oxidants that will help cleanse the system. If you really aren’t prepared to give up your coffee then try to cut back or drink organic coffee, organic coffeeis less toxic. It will still turn the body acidic and have toxins but far less than standard coffee as it is sprayed with a lot less chemicals when being farmed.
  • Drink lots of water- like I mentioned earlier, hydration is vital for cleansing the body and helping organs function. Alcohol, sweets and processed foods will all dehydrate you so make sure you drink extra water throughout the day to stay hydrated. You can get more water in by drinking herbal teas or eating more fruit & veg as well as drinking flavoured water. If you want to replace some of the vital minerals that will be lost when drinking alcohol, put a pinch of organic sea salt in your water. You won’t taste the salt but it will give you extra minerals in the water.

Follow these tips and you can enjoy the party season with some extra energy and less guilt. Many of my clients will follow these simple tips to help keep their body functioning well and never put on any weight throughout the festive season, even with the extra food and booze going in. Have a great Xmas. Craig

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