1st February 2015 - General

7 Day Cleanse = 6.5 Inches Lost

Follow the journey of our client Lisa Davidson as she went through her post- Christmas cleanse and how she felt after losing 6.5 inches after 7 days……..   Sunday 6th January: Day one of “THE CLEANSE” in Craig’s words. It doesn’t help that I have totally binged and drunk far too much in anticipation of “cleansing”. Will I never learn? I have been doing this for years. I am determined that this is the last year that I will do it. This is the new me. Well – I have been hungry most of today, but its probably because I totally pigged out and boozed for Britain on Friday and Saturday. Because I am restricting certain foods just now I am now as ever, obsessed with food. Must find distracting techniques! I’ve thought of nothing else all day! I measured myself this morning. Its not good. I had envisaged a slimmer me but unfortunately the tape measure tells me something else and the tape measure does not lie. Monday 7th: There will not be a muffin top in sight by the time I’m finished. I have survived 24 hours with only one cup of coffee and feel surprisingly good. I now have a big bottle of water in front of me infused with mega greens. Ghastly but necessary. Craig came round to put me through my paces and to get me doing “metabolic workouts”. Actually much better than an hour long workout and probably much easier for me to fit into my day. Having him come to the house today, has most definitely kept me on track and he’s given me a plan to use when I finish my 7 day “cleanse”. Its all good although I am already getting slightly sick of protein and vegetables and craving a nice big bowl of pasta!! Tuesday 8th: Its official. I am sick of blueberries and apples, but am feeling virtuous because I haven’t event thought about chocolate. I keep looking at the measurements written down before me and that is focussing me on any evil chocolate plotting ideas. Fit and fabulous here I come! Wednesday 9th: Well! I have made it through day 4! Even bought probiotic capsule type affairs from Napiers. Feeling virtuous particularly in view of fact there was sandwich lunch plus brownies placed before me. What did I do? Had a lemon and ginger tea and sat smugly before stuffing face with some almonds (not too many-only 8) on train. Oh the virtue! I think my jeans are looser, but I may be kidding myself!! Friday 11th: I can’t believe it! I’ve made it to day 6 and the only “sin” has been one double espresso extra yesterday afternoon.  I am totally  on track and last night when my husband opened a box of truffles, I turned my nose up with not even a twinge of regret! Have I turned over a new leaf? Last night I looked in the mirror and saw a different face-the black circles which have set up home under my eyes for the past year have almost gone. I checked again this morning in case I was hallucinating, but no, they are definitely dwindling!! Its all good. Only two days to go, but I don’t think I will want to return to my wicked ways!! Saturday 12th: Today is the last day of my cleanse. I have, by no means been an angel this week. On the first two days, I religiously did my metabolic workout twice each day. I’ve not done it since, because of travelling and work commitments. I measured myself this morning. I have lost 6  ½ inches!!!!! I can’t believe it! 2.5 inches off the waist, 1 on the hip, 1 under the bust, and 1 off each calf for some bizarre reason. I am blissfully happy and now determined to stick to a healthy plan and regular exercise. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always exercised about 3 times a week and I’m very active. I also consider myself to be a healthy eater. I make everything from scratch. However this “cleanse” has made me realise I could cut back on things such as butter and olive oile when cooking and I have had a history of popping chocolate into my mouth whenever the mood takes me. I think I may have knocked that particular bad habit on the head. Lets see. More at the end of week 2.   Thanks to Lisa for sharing her experience and a huge well done for sticking to it. I do think it has helped her stay accountable too by keeping this dairy. I would like to add that although we have put Lisa through a 7 day cleanse, we do not believe in quick fix or fad diets. This was used to give her a boost and clean her diet up after the Christmas indulgence and it was all tailored to fit in with her busy working week. We will now work with her on how she can keep the foundations of the programme into her daily, working life whilst allowing some of the things we eliminated to slot back in, in a controlled manner. We use programmes like these to excelerate long term results and lifestyle changes!

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