Craig Ali

Total Health Founder

Our founder Craig Ali is a certified holistic lifestyle coach, Thai massage therapist, personal trainer and mindfulness practitioner. He’s spent more than 15 years working as a leading coach to world class athletes, ambassadors, executives and global organisations. Craig’s passion for a holistic approach to health and fitness has seen him study a broad variety of disciplines, including psychology, Eastern medicine, nutrition and yoga.

Craig has delivered wellbeing events across the globe: in Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK. He is an experienced martial artist and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt under world-class martial artist Rick Young plus a former British & Scottish champion. Craig was also the conditioning coach for world record breaking-adventurer Mark Beaumont for a number of years.

In his spare time he loves hanging out with his kids, wife and dog enjoying some good food and a nice craft ale!

Jade Allan

Yoga instructor & Workplace Happiness Leader

Jade Allan’s work seamlessly combines the mental with the physical. Jade’s own experience of corporate life gives her an unparalleled understanding of the benefits of a flexible, resilient and empowered workforce – physically, psychologically and emotionally. She now blends yoga teaching with her role at Happiness Works, where she drives the importance of employee happiness in corporate decision making up the corporate agenda.

Jade’s classes are specifically designed for those who spend much of the day sitting, in high-stress roles. Her yoga teachings underpin her philosophy on leadership – while her interest in positive psychology focuses clients on what they do well – rather than what is poor – which can have a dramatic impact on the work environment.

Dr. Bill Paterson

Mindfulness and Mental Wellbeing Consultant

With over sixteen years of teaching experience, Bill has been responsible for both creating and delivering specialized courses to audiences with diverse abilities (children/young people, undergraduate/postgraduate students, police officers, senior military officers, paramedics and people with mental health conditions). Leaving academia in 2014, Bill became a trainer and life coach for FEAT (a flagship third sector organization addressing mental health in Fife). At FEAT Bill has been responsible for delivering courses on low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Fife school teachers, NHS staff & paramedics) and Mindfulness Team Building Days.

Working with academics from St Andrews University’s Neurology Dep and CAMHS, Bill is developing a research project to measure the impact of mindfulness interventions on young people suffering with anxiety and depression. He is also working in association with Playfield institute to promote and deliver mindfulness to NHS Fife staff, Fife Council, Fife Schools and third sector organisations. Bill is supported in his mindfulness teaching via regular Mindfulness supervision from Dr. Clare Cassell, Dept. Psychology, Lynebank Hospital. Bill also offers mindfulness classes in a non-clinical environment to the general public.

Greg Stewart

Fitness and Weight Loss Consultant

Greg uses only time tested methods with a strong evidence-base.

For 16 years and during more than 10,000 one-to-one sessions and thousands of group sessions Greg has helped individuals and groups get into the best shape of their lives – no matter what their age and starting point.

He studied Counselling Skills and uses CBT methods in order to help understand clients’ needs better and keep them motivated long term.

He works with physiotherapists, nutritionists and other specialist health professionals to deliver the best possible result whether your goal is weight loss, sports performance or well being.

He competes regularly in powerlifting and endurance events, usually placing after his wife.

With 2 children under 2 years old, he has first hand experience what works for people short on time and energy.

In 2012 he fought off competition from 1000 other trainers to reach the final 10 in the prestigious Men’s Health/Exorex U.K’s Top Personal Trainer Competition.

Dr. Lucy Rattrie

Chartered Psychologist – Wellbeing, Culture and Performance Consultant

Dr. Lucy Rattrie is Director of ELAR Horizons, specialising in creating thriving work cultures, well-being and engagement, as drivers of high performing people, teams and organisations.

Having spent over 10 years working with international clients, she gets results using an evidence based approach, with commercial insights, analytics and measurement to enable strategic planning, program design and development then measuring ROI and impact.

She is published in a range of highly ranked journals, speaker at international conferences with an award based Ph.D., completed from Geneva in improving performance in global mobility, business travel and employees of multi-cultural workplaces.

Lucy enjoys road cycling, fell running, skiing, mountaineering, endurance triathlon and Iron-Man, which saw her on the cover of 220 Triathlon magazine and as a BBC TV presenter.