Why We Focus on Workplace Wellbeing

Total Health in the workplace improves wellbeing, happiness and performance. With our support, clients enjoy energised, resilient and healthy employees, growing their businesses through increased productivity across the board.

We’re dedicated to the art and science of living well and draw on expertise across health, fitness and nutrition. With a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing, we address your total health: as a business, as teams and as individuals.

Our specialists deliver workplace wellbeing programmes that help reduce sickness and absenteeism by up to 35%, contributing significantly to the bottom line. We’ve worked with multi-nationals, scale-ups and emerging businesses including Standard Life Investments, Burness Paull and Murgitroyd. Using our unique three step methodology, we’ll help you design a progressive approach to workplace wellbeing that creates a sustainable, healthy culture.

Our work is flexible, and tailored to meet your needs; we take the time to understand each individual organisation, combining workshops, online services and team health retreats to

Workplace Wellbeing Benefits

Our Journey


We began life by fitness training athletes and business professionals on a one-to-one basis. From there, we set out to examine health more holistically, hence the name, Total Health. As we incorporated nutrition, movement and recovery strategies, psychology and behaviour change into our core fitness training program, we added specialists in a broad range of disciplines.

As we achieved better and better results – showing how we could get higher performance in both the sporting and business worlds – we caught the eye of some innovative corporates.

Standard Life Investments were one of our first corporate partners, and we devised a group workplace wellbeing programme for them, based on changing behaviour. We looked into effective ways to optimise performance, helping them get the best out of their people by supporting their wellbeing. And since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength.

We live and breathe health & wellbeing, integrating our methods of health & wellbeing into how we approach business- with integrity, energy and a calm measured approach.

Our methodology to workplace wellbeing creates a structured programme that specifically meets your needs and objectives as well as helping you achieve the greatest results. It’s a unique approach – you can read more about it here – designed to put you and your team in pole position.

Our Values


We live and breathe what we do. We’re passionate about:

  • Living well, across the physical, mental and spiritual worlds
  • Optimising human performance
  • Combining theory with practice to get the best results
  • Making genuine improvements to workplace wellbeing
  • Designing a holistic structure and plan so you see maximum impact
  • Creating better work cultures that are more productive, happy and enjoyable for us all…

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