Dr Carla Stanton is a UK trained physician who developed eczema at only 3 months old. She studied at the world-renowned Dermatology Department at the University of Cardiff where she was awarded a Distinction Grade in Practical Dermatology.

Having acquired all the ‘conventional knowledge ’ to treat the skin, Dr Carla Stanton still felt frustrated and realised there was something deeper she needed to understand to ultimately treat her eczema: The mind body connection. By studying the power of the health beliefs (the placebo effect), neuroplasticity, epigenetics, reconditioning and nutrition she developed a completely holistic eczema health model for ultimate long lasting treatment. Dr Carla Stanton now lives completely free from the burden of her all her eczema medications and wants to share her holistic health model with those who suffer from eczema and are truly ready for a liberating change! She is working with London Real Academy and Brian Rose to develop her business and make a big impact on people’s health.

In this episode we cover a wide range of information, which only demonstrates Carla’s broad understanding of both Western and holistic medicine. We discuss:
• Her personal transformation
• Alternate health systems that she uses
• Her daily routines
• Her views on Western medicine
• How to best use Western medicine and doctors
• Meditation
• Fundamental tips for people to transform their health

Check her out at: Dr Carla Stanton

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