Dr. Lucy Rattrie is a Chartered Psychologist – well-being, culture and performance consultant and the Director of ELAR Horizons, specialising in creating thriving work cultures, well-being and engagement.

She loves coaching and developing for self-awareness and authenticity, focusing on value alignment, emotional intelligence, thinking and decision making, attitudes, mind-sets, communication and behaviours within a strengths based approach. She is published in a range of highly ranked journals, speaker at international conferences with an award based Ph.D., completed from Geneva in improving performance in global mobility, business travel and employees of multi-cultural workplaces. She enjoys road cycling, fell running, skiing, mountaineering, endurance triathlon and Iron-Man, which saw her on the cover of 220 Triathlon magazine and as a BBC TV presenter.

In this episode we discuss how to manage stress on a personal and organisational level. How to measure it and most importantly how to take control of stress and improve it.