1st February 2015 - Instructional

Fat Burning Secrets

One of the main questions any health & fitness professional will get asked is: ‘What’s the best way to burn fat?’ People try all sorts of different methods that they read about and there’s a lot of mixed messages on this as there is with any health topic. It is fairly simple really- get your metablosim working so efficiently that it is burning fat and calories when your resting, I like to call it manipulting your metabolism!   I have lost count the amount of times a client has come to me wanting to lose weight and trying everything they know but it’s not coming due to them not stimulating their metabolism correctly. Then when we start to follow the procedure of ‘manipulating the metabolism’ the weight starts to come off instantly.  The best ways to do this are not rocket science and there are no real revelations here but they work and years of experience with hundreds of client’s using this system has proven that to me. So what are the best ways to do this?:

  • Exercise Regular- Every time you exercise your metabolism is boosted, this means that you burn more calories per hour. Obviously it doesn’t stay boosted at this rate forever so regular exercise bouts will prevent this from slowing down.
  • Eat Regular- For exactly the same reasons as above. When you eat your metabolism is boosted, so stick to small amounts regular. I have seen people lose weight by getting them to spread the same amount of food they eat throughout the day. I have also seen many people lose weight by eating eating more but making sure it is a small amount regular and eating very light in the evening.
  • Do Some High Intense Training- If you are the start of an exercise programme or have any health or injury problems you would need to build up to this and get advice from a professional when to do so. Basically the harder you exercise, the greater your metabolism gets boosted. So a high intense training session will have you burning far more calories afterwards than a low intensity session and will take a lot longer to go back to a normal rate. Now it is impossible to train at a high intensity all the time so how regular you do them would depend on your fitness and lifestyle. Try to spread them evenly and sometimes you can build up to an intense 2 to 3 weeks of your training then maintain that with a high intense session once every 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Put on Some Muscle- The last thing some people think about when wanting to lose weight is building a little muscle. Muscle boosts your metabolism- for every 1lb of muscle an average weight male puts on it could help them burn an extra 30 calories per day. That is an extra 420 calories per week if you build 2lbs of muscle. Now obviously the amount will vary depending on weight, sex & age but it is the same principle for everyone. So don’t leave out strength work, it should be a fundamental part of a weight loss/fat burning training programme.  
  • Occasionaly Have High Calorie Days- Make sure that you do not interpret this wrong and think you can have a few days of eating junk. If you have been consistently eating small amounts regular and your output has been more than your input and the weight loss starts to slow down then you may want to look a day of taking in more. This can be a day when you relax a bit more with it and have a treat but also just look at it as a day when you still eat well but have a bit more than you normally would.  This can just kick start the metabolism again as when you are exercising regular and taking in a small amount of calories your metabolism may slow down a little to conserve the energy for all the activity. Having a day when you eat a bit more will ‘manipulate your metabolism’ into boosting and burning the food up again.

So there are 5 simple ways to get your metabolism working for you so that you start getting the results that you deserve and are working for. When it comes to weight loss and fat burning the most effective way is to have your body functioning well with good nutrients being put into it. Like I said earlier, it’s not rocket science, it’s simple but effective but hopefully these simple tips can help you fast track you towards your goals. Regards, Craig

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