Greg Stewart is the director of Intelligent Fitness, working as a personal trainer at the Scottish Government for more that 14 years.

He specialises in real-world exercise and eating plans which produce extraordinary results. Greg’s methods are rooted firmly in evidence. His clients have lost up to 11 stone by following his advice, and competed at national and international level in a diversity of sports.

In this episode we discuss the most effective weight loss methods, the power of the mind in fitness and nutrition and what really works. Fascinating interview with someone who is so up to date with research but also understand how to adapt this knowledge to each individual.

Check out his website to find out more: Intelligent Fitness

We have linked some of the research that Greg refers to within this interview for your reference:

4 weight loss diets compared
different macronutrient ratios no difference at 2 years
meta analysis of high protein vs low fat