High Performance Coaching

Optimum performance is central to achievement and leadership. Steven Kotler, author of ‘The Rise of Superman’, says that if we could increase ’flow’ – the optimal state of consciousness, when you feel and perform your best – by just 10%, workplace productivity would double. The average person spends less than 5% of their day in flow – that small increase, to 15%, could have a dramatic impact on your work life.

Total Health’s high performance coaching programme is designed to support both individuals and business leaders in reaching their full potential and building a base of resilience that makes you ‘bullet proof’. Our holistic programme includes tools focusing on both physical and mental performance.

fruitWe begin by helping them build a strong immune system, improve eating and sleep habits and integrating movement into their daily routines to energise them. We use this physical foundation to integrate methods that drastically improve their mental energy, increasing their executive decision making, focus, compassion and attention; key attributes of any inspirational leader.

We know how important your leaders are, and we’ll help add even more value to their performance, equipping them with the tools to make the most out of their personal life too. Regular coaching and support is provided to fit around their schedule, and we help stimulate their emotional and spiritual energy by connecting them to what improves their happiness and purpose in both their life and career.



Develops happy, healthy individuals, who are confident and energetic in both a professional and personal capacity


Studies on executives show that this can increase productivity by up to 500%


Helps leaders reach their full potential and building a base of resilience that makes them 'bullet proof'.

Contact us now to find out how we can optimise your energy, or your leadership team’s, to help achieve ‘flow’ and accelerate the success of you and your organisation. Click here to email us, or call now on 0131 258 2952.

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