1st February 2015 - General

How To Build Resilience And Boost Workplace Performance

Resilience is the ability to adapt to life’s challenges and misfortunes. When the pressure is high or disaster strikes it allows you to roll with the punches, remain flexible and keep on going – no matter what. While resilience doesn’t take your problems away, it does help you to bounce back from them quickly and allows you to enjoy the journey far more. People who lack resilience tend to get bogged down easily. They dwell on problems, become overwhelmed, get depressed and turn to ineffective or unhealthy coping mechanisms. Resilient people on the other hand seem to take everything in their stride. They can better handle stress, see the bigger picture and quickly find solutions to everyday challenges. In this weeks video I talk about how the fundamental Pillars of Total Health can help to build resilience and in turn boost performance in the workplace. To your health, Craig

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