1st February 2015 - Ask Total Health

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

We all know how important sleep is to our energy, health and overall wellbeing, but very few of us are able to get a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis. There is so much to do everyday and with the never ending stimulus we are bombarded with it’s difficult to wind down properly and get both the quality and quantity of shut eye we need to function at our best. Whether we are overloaded at work, have a hectic social life or are experiencing a particularly stressful time we need to find a way to transition from work mode to sleep mode. In this weeks video I share some of my strategies for winding down at the end of the day. If you can put them into practice you will notice that you will not only sleep better but feel more alive and engaged during your waking hours. To your health, Craig p.s. If you have a burning health and fitness question please email and I’ll make a video response.

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