1st February 2015 - Ask Total Health

How To Improve Posture

Posture. It’s not a sexy topic now, is it? We all want the lean midsection and the shapely muscles, but posture? That’s just something our parents used to nag us about.

That might be the case and you may have long forgotten the sound of your dad screaming, “Stand up straight!” but it is good posture that really helps to boost our attitude, confidence, health and overall performance. When our bodies are stacked properly (in good alignment) we can breathe well, we feel more dynamic, we are stronger and more resistant to injury. This firm postural foundation paves the way to our more aesthetically oriented goals as well as affecting the way others perceive us. No matter what the fitness fad of the month is, posture will always remain one of the most important considerations for long term health and performance. In this weeks video I cover some of the key steps you should take to improve your posture. To your health, Craig.

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