This week we welcome adventurer Luke Robertson to the Total Health podcast.

In early 2016, Luke ‘Snow-walker’ became the youngest Brit, the first Scot and the second youngest in history and one of less than 20 people in history to ski solo unsupported, unassisted to the South Pole, in Antarctica.


After spending 39 days and 8 hours completely alone on this 730 mile (1175km) journey across the highest, driest, coldest and windiest continent on earth well, he also became the first to do so having undergone lifesaving brain surgery to remove a large mass from his brain in 2014, and with an artificial pacemaker, fitted in 2008.

Pushing himself to the limits of human endurance, Luke, through health issues, adventures and expeditions, continues to demonstrate the ability of the human character to recover and seek opportunities during the most testing of times.

He aims to encourage, inspire and motivate others to tackle challenges head-on, and achieve their own goals in life.

We are so lucky to welcome Luke to our Total Health Conversations this week. In our conversation with Luke, he shares with us some insights to what it takes to tackle tough expeditions, the physical/mental preparation required for his adventures, setting big goals, and so much more.

This is a really action-packed episode filled with exciting stories from Luke, bound to inspire you. Click below to listen, or subscribe to us on iTunes to never miss an episode!