29th September 2016 - Podcasts

Matt Lazenby PT- Enjoy Training, Enjoy Life!

Matt Lazenby is a great personal trainer in Edinburgh, Scotland with over 30 years of experience in fitness. He’s one of the most passionate trainers you will ever come across, he loves health & fitness and delivering the best results for his clients. An all round great guy who inspires, educates and empowers people, enabling them to quite literally recreate themselves, mentally and physically.

In this episode we cover how fitness training is for everyone and how to get the most out of your training and enjoy it. He provides tips on motivation and coaching, his holistic approach to moving well and looking great plus how to manage training and fitness plans as we age. To finish off we start to uncover how to feel happy and content in life.

Check out Matt’s website to see the incredible shape this 50 year old is in and if you are looking for training and coaching in Edinburgh get along and see him!

Personal Trainer Edinburgh Matt Lazenby

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