Dr. Avinash Bansode is the founder and director of Mindfullybeing.Ltd. Avinash has a background and training in Medicine. Originally from India, he now lives in Edinburgh.
He has been practising mindfulness since 1992. He is also an ordained Buddhist and a Honorary Mindfulness Chaplain at The University of Edinburgh. Avinash has interest in holistic approach towards health and well-being and an interest in mind-body integrative medicine.

We are also joined by Tom Donaldson who is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and business professional who has trained with Dr Avinash.

In the conversation we uncover why Avinash moved away from being a practicing GP to teach mindfulness, the benefits, what mindfulness is, how to integrate it into life and workplace plus more.

Check out the mindfullybeing website for great courses, training and resources on mindfulness: https://www.mindfullybeing.co.uk/