Mindfulness enhances every aspect of wellbeing, from physical to mental and emotional health, and is proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Brain imaging studies have proven that regularly practicing mindfulness can literally rewire the brain to reduce stressful reactions, as well as improve decision making, empathy, and focus.

The Total Health Mindfulness Course is an eight-week programme lead by Mindfulness Association qualified practitioners, involving one (90-120 minute) class per week. The course will take participants through the fundamental practices of mindfulness through to advanced techniques that will empower students to settle the mind, manage thoughts and distractions, discover self-care and compassion techniques, and deal with physical pain. No matter what your main motivation for practicing mindfulness, this course is guaranteed to have a positive impact across the different areas of your life.

Upcoming courses will be listed on this page, or please get in touch with us to request course dates. For workplaces or community groups, please get in touch to request information about running this course at your premises.
As part of our Give Back Project we also fund courses throughout the year for those in need and hard to reach groups. Please apply if you feel that we could help a group that you know of.