Nic Marks is one of the founding directors of Happiness Works as well as a fellow of the new economics foundation and a board member of Action for Happiness.

He is best known for creating the award winning Happy Planet Index the first global measure of sustainable well-being. Nic spoke at the prestigious TEDglobal conference in 2010 on his work and authored one of the first TEDbooks called “A Happiness Manifesto”.

Definitely one of the most intelligent men within the wellbeing world that we have ever come across plus as you would expect- a very happy and pleasant man. The great thing is that he is also a realist and gives a great perspective on life and how we shouldn’t just chase happiness.

We go into what makes us happy, how we can build happiness, how to create thriving, happy workplaces, a great definition of happiness and go off into some interesting philosophy that Nic pulls up. He really makes you think in a different way and blends science, stats, philosophy and feelings perfectly.

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