1st February 2015 - Instructional

Nutrient-Packed Lunches

 Some great ideas for simple nutrient-packed lunches from our nutritionist Sarah. Enjoy……. Do you find that, even after eating lunch, you often crave a caffeine and chocolate boost by mid-afternoon? What you eat at lunchtime can affect how you feel for the rest of the day. A few small changes can help you feel more satisfied, providing sustained energy release and more nutrients per bite. And while it’s definitely a good idea to have a small snack in the afternoon if you’re exercising early evening, these simple lunch swaps should help curb 3pm sugar cravings:

Swap: Tuna mayo on white baguette for Peppered mackerel pitta.

Tuna mayo is filling, but packed with fat, while white bread releases energy quickly and can leave you feeling sluggish later. Instead, mash a small mackerel fillet with a little mustard and natural yoghurt then stuff into a wholemeal pitta with lots of crunchy veg. The mackerel is great for protein and omega-3s, while different coloured veggies provide vitamins and fibre.

 Swap: Creamy chicken pasta salad for Couscous salad with grilled chicken

Shop-bought pasta salads are often drenched in mayonnaise and contain very little veg. Couscous is filling and really easy to prepare – you can even get instant versions. Add red pepper, onion and tomatoes then top with grilled chicken. Spice it up with a drizzle of chilli dressing and a teaspoon of seeds.

 Swap: Tomato soup with a crusty roll for Spicy bean soup with 2 oatcakes

Soup is a great choice but vegetable soups are often low in protein. To keep you going through the afternoon, go for a bean or lentil-based version and swap your roll for oatcakes, which release carbohydrates more slowly.

 Swap: Cereal bar for Natural yoghurt and fruit or nuts

Many cereal bars aren’t as healthy as they look, with high levels of added sugar. Natural yoghurt is a better dessert choice – sweeten with a handful of berries or 2 chopped apricots, or add crunch with some chopped nuts.


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