ndy Blyth has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Sport Psychology, has been awarded the COSCA Counselling Skills certificate and is in his final year of accreditation with the BPS. Andy is also a member of the British Psychological Society. He is involved in Golf Performance Scotland, which consists of a team of specialists aiming to develop Scotland’s next world class golfer plus works with FEAT (Fife Employment Access Trust) in helping individuals improve mental wellbeing to get back into employment.

Andy is passionate and dedicated at what he does and can apply his principles in a range of areas due to his open and knowledgeable approach and shares some great insights in this interview. He is also a student of philosophy and is constantly looking into different views and insights from some of the greatest philosophers.

A real pleasure to have Andy in and we will certainly have him back as we once again just started to scratch the surface of his knowledge here.

Check out what he offers here: http://simplyperform.com/