On the Total Health podcast we welcome Ruari Fairbairns from One Year No Beer. After two years alcohol-free, Ruari now drinks in total control, and he is passionate about helping people change their relationship with alcohol. In this episode, Ruari tells us about his journey to changing his relationship with alcohol and how it changed his life. He discusses the place of alcohol in society, and the amazing benefits we can see by giving it up for 90 days (or a whole year!). This podcast is jam-packed with food for thought that will help you look at booze in a new light, and maybe even sign up for his challenge.

Ruari is an Entrepreneur, Senior Oil Broker running the number 1 JET desk & Co-Founder of the OYNB movement. He gave up drinking in the face of incredible peer pressure, thinking he would lose his edge as one of the Top brokers in the industry he soon realized it was quite the opposite.  Spurred by this life changing experience he and Andy Ramage, another broker, have created the OYNB movement.

Ruari speaks about improving all aspects of your life by changing your relationship with alcohol.  After 2 years alcohol-free Ruari now drinks in total control. He is passionate about helping people change their relationship with alcohol using their 28, 90 & 365 day challenges.

One Year No Beer is a toolkit for surviving modern society alcohol free. Tips for going to weddings, stag weekends, Holidays, Friday night in the pub, all how to survive them sober.  We show you not just how to survive but how to ROCK it, so your friends are rushing to join you!

With cutting edge science in habit change, behavioural science and positive psychology the 30, 90 & 365 day challenges help you to re-wire your brain, to realise that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time, to relax, to unwind or to enjoy life.  Using alcohol-free alternatives, and socialising alternatives during your challenge you learn to belong to a tribe who is living how you want to live.  A healthy, balanced life that is full of vitality.


The community aims to destroy the peer pressure around going alcohol free allowing people the world over to take a break and improve their

  •       Health
  •       Wealth
  •       Mental Health
  •       Relationships
  •       Productivity
  •       Weight Loss

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