Physical, mental and emotional health is fundamental to overall employee wellbeing. Our employee health checks provided detailed, comprehensive health analysis which can have a dramatic effect on the welfare, energy levels and productivity of your team members. They’re designed to create a structured, consistent approach to employee wellbeing, covering their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our three-step employee wellbeing process includes personal responses to a health questionnaire, a series of biomarker tests, and a personal, confidential briefing session to educate, advise and inspire employees.

Total Health’s employee health checks are an integral part of our expertise and reputation: we pride ourselves on an exceptional service, making even the most reluctant individuals feel positive about their results and their next steps.

These are just some of the benefits:

  • Health checks are a comprehensive look at personal health, offering a great combination of awareness, inspiration and education
  • Staff feel valued and appreciated because of their one-to-one attention, giving them a confidential and knowledgeable space to discuss any health concerns
  • One-to-one sessions mean our advice can be very specific, helping staff make lasting changes
  • Health checks can alleviate specific issues and concerns which may have a negative impact at work, boosting productivity and resilience

After the initial consultation I was able to implement the information and start losing weight instantly

Lady Christine Nichols

Our employee wellbeing health checks measure a number of factors, and are followed up with a final consultation and report-format presentation. They include:

  • Lifestyle questionnaires, designed to measure stress, diet, sleep and gut health
  • A blood pressure test, measuring average blood pressure over three readings, with sensitive advice on target blood pressure and how to achieve it
  • We measure resting heart rate over three readings to get an average, helping us calculate accurate heart rate training zones
  • Weight awareness, which we link with our other tests to realise your ideal weight
  • Your body fat percentage is one of the most effective ways to measuring your health – a percentage reading helps us structure a plan to help maintain or improve your result
  • Visceral fat is the fat that is stored round the organs, which has a dramatic effect on health. Our visceral fat percentage test helps us determine if you’re in the target range, and how maintain or achieve a healthy percentage.
  • BMI (body mass index) tests provide a good overview of general health and wellbeing – and can be an important indicator of health – but need careful consideration. We always relate BMI testing to your body fat and waist/ hip ratio measurements.
  • Your waist to hip ratio is one of the best indicators of coronary heart disease or type two diabetes risk, and are a vital part of any health check
  • Research shows that people with good grip strength and muscle tissue have a greater life expectancy. Strength positively impacts all health biomarkers, and is a vital component of any health programme.

If you’d like to arrange employee wellbeing health checks for your team, or just have more questions, you can email us by clicking here, or call on 0131 258 2952.