We’ve designed our workplace wellbeing consultancy framework over more than 15 years of working in industry and with athletes, achieving and analysing peak performance. This gives us unparalleled expertise in the consultancy field. We now specialise in creating inspiring work environments that are bursting with energy, creativity, self-confidence and productivity.

Check out this video, which explains our original 5 step approach to workplace wellbeing consultancy.

We have enhanced this approach by making it 3 steps. The great news is that the tools and support that were in steps 4 & 5 we provide from the beginning to increase the value!

Our approach…

Ours is a unique, holistic and rigorous approach to health and wellbeing. We use the Total Health Three Steps to Workplace Wellness as a framework for all of our work with clients: this structure creates a systemised methodology that underlines our approach.

Our framework is based on awareness, inspiration and education. We work with each organisation on a bespoke, one-to-one basis to look at your strengths and areas for improvement, creating a programme that is effective, measurable and sustainable.

3 Steps to Workplace Wellness

1. Awareness

We begin by working with you so that your team knows their employer is willing to look after their wellbeing. Then, once we’ve developed a better awareness of the unique environment you work in, we provide a range of services – including our comprehensive Employee Health Check – to make your staff aware of their current health and wellness, and how to move forward from there…


  • Staff become engaged with our services and know their employer is looking after them, which has an immediate impact on their feelings of wellbeing
  • As we begin the programme, staff have the opportunity to address lifestyle issues and their energy and productivity increase
  • Good employee wellbeing makes recruitment easier and is a key factor in attracting top talent

2. Inspiration

We’ll inspire your staff to take the next step, and take ownership of their health, whilst providing a confidential and inspirational support service to create a sustainable and supportive health culture within the organisation. Ours is a positive approach, focusing on the benefits of behaviour change, rather than negatives of any individual situation. We’ll inspire people to increase their energy, sleep better, achieve a better work-life balance, improve posture and address aches and pains.


  • Staff are engaged and energised
  • Staff are more exposed to wellbeing – with a discreet, authoritative support team – making them more inclined to enjoy activities and stick with something new
  • Your team feels that you really do care, as you’ve followed on from an initial launch with a committed programme of activity
  • As energy, happiness and productivity increase, you’ll benefit from a ripple effect throughout the organisation, creating a lasting health culture will can be passed on to new generations of your workforce
  • Productivity, happiness and resilience will rise as absenteeism falls. You’ll also create a long-term reputation as an organisation that cares for its staff

3. Education

So, your team’s aware of your wellbeing programme, and inspired to take action. It’s our job to help them make the right choices for their health, and give them the tools to manage their progress. This ‘education’ stage actually starts from our very first point of engagement, but continues throughout the programme, using a practical box of tools to manage lifestyle changes and make the process easier and more sustainable. We’ll provide specific tools at this stage for each individual, building their personal tool box.


  • Staff that understand the benefits of making changes and the implications of their decisions are more likely to sustain their changes. Their personalised tool box keeps them more engaged with the programme…
  • Better understanding also makes staff more likely to pass their knowledge on to col- leagues, creating a greater ripple effect
  • Staff work more efficiently, and feel happy that their employer is taking their health so seriously. Talent will be attracted and retained, and will begin to have a serious effect on sickness and absenteeism
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