Launching a Wellbeing Strategy

Our Taster Session is designed to introduce the key elements of wellbeing for your employees and outline the most common entry points to building out a wellbeing strategy. This taster session is a fun, informative and non-intimidating way for your employees to be introduced to health and wellbeing. We help them become aware of their current state of health, inspire them to take ownership of their wellbeing and educate them on how best to approach this so that they can start building their own personal wellbeing strategy.

Employees: build skills in mindfulness, emotional resilience and physical energy.

HR: develop confidence and competence in wellbeing strategy planning and design.

Senior leaders: see a tangible impact on participating employees and teams with easy-to-implement recommendations to advance wellbeing proficiency as an organisation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • An introduction to the practice of mindfulness led with a practical introduction and grounded in relevant theory for the modern worker.
  • A mini masterclass in resilience, integrating the importance of mental, physical and emotional resilience in the workplace. This session is designed with the needs of individual employees at its heart while smoothly addressing the relevance of resilience to HR and organisational goals more broadly.

How You’ll Learn:

  • A 90 Minute, in-person workshop with option to broadcast to other locations.

How We’ll Measure Impact:

  • A pre and post session survey will report on appetite, understanding, relevance and interest of the topics raised to your employees. You’ll discover how your employees feel about provisions for their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at work and shake out ideas and opinions on how the topic should be dealt with in your organisation as you develop your own wellbeing strategy.

What others say:

Total Health class- Host was excellent and enjoyed learning new exercises!
Edinburgh College

Investment: From £375

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