1st February 2015 - Instructional

The Opening Breath

There are many, many sources of stress in our lives from environmental stressors to work deadlines to financial concerns.

They can be very subtle or very apparent and they accumulate over time causing a variety of symptoms and diseases within our bodies. Some people get headaches. Others have digestive troubles. Some people feel anxious. Others end up chronically depressed. A little stress can be a good thing but as soon as it exceeds the bodies ability to recover we start to break down. The solution then is too have many, many tools to reduce and manage stress. This weeks video follows on from last weeks and offers up another great little move that you can use when you are feeling overwhelmed or want to get back into balance. You can combine these moves into a routine or perform them on alternate days to improve your breathing habits and switch on the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS).
To your health, Craig

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