In this episode, Total Health UK Founder Craig Ali sat down with performance nutritionist, educator, speaker, and writer Ben Coomber.

Ben describes himself as ‘a true geek at heart for everything nutrition, health, and human performance’. This all stems from his own personal┬ájourney into the fitness industry, starting from being obese at 16 years old. Now Ben spends most of his time educating people how to live better lives and achieve their goals through his books, blogs, videos, and social media.

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Ben Coomber to the Total Health UK podcast. In this episode, Ben tells us about his path to health and fitness and gives some of his top advice for nutrition, including:

  • Hydration (and tips for hangovers!)
  • Protein types and timing
  • Supplements
  • The importance of sleep
  • Is coffee/caffeine good for you?
  • …And so much more good advice!

Check out Ben’s website here.

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