1st February 2015 - Ask Total Health

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Constant battles that we all face in such a hectic society are maintaining our energy levels and motivation. All the information is out there to help us stay focused and boost our energy levels from personal development podcasts to acai ‘super berry’ drinks but the demands of a modern lifestyle make it very difficult to maintain well-being. So where do you begin when trying to give yourself a boost? This is where you have to go back to basics by first of all looking at what is burning you out and depleting you and quite simply improve these areas. It may seem like a natural reaction to start eating better, exercising more and setting goals but how far will you go with them if there are still major stresses breaking you down? So the first step is to look at our stress less articles on this blog page and assess your stress levels. Stress is the most common reason I have seen people not reach their targets or simply keep them low over the past 10 years of working with people on a one to one level. Stress is accumulative and can be caused by so many aspects that can have a small impact on health but can also lead to serious illness and fatigue. If all you were to manage in improving your energy and motivation was to minimize stress you would see a massive improvement without a doubt. This is why it is vital to take away any stress that you have control over and break away from the enrgy vampires currently in your life. To feel energized and well you cannot be putting energy into anything or anyone that you do not get satisfaction or reward back from. Now, once you have stopped draining your energy, how do you build it? Building your energy is what will trigger motivation and inspiration, whatever your energy levels are the motivation will be not far behind it! First of all we have to consider how we look at energy and our attitude towards it. Energy is like money in the fact that we can spend it, save it, accumulate it or build up serious debt. If your finances are getting way out of control and you are building up debt then most likely you would look to do something about it, so it is important that you take that same attitude towards your energy levels.  With this greater perspective of stress & energy levels, work/life balance and your output it then is the time to start looking at what you are doing to build your energy. The Total Health system and ethos is all about combing exercise, nutrition & recovery to build energy and motivation whilst reducing stress and tension. This brand moto and ethos came from my early days of personal training when I used to only work on the exercise side of things. At this point I was getting good results through this but could only take people so far, this made me study the nutritional side of things to help my client’s even further. Again this got great results and took them a little further but some people needed more. What was the missing link? I then took myself off to Thailand to study Thai massage and alternative recovery therapies and realised that some form or many forms of recovery startegies were needed to help people keep evolving and recycling their energy and motivation. Your body can only keep going so far with the correct exercise and fuel in it but even the fittest and healthiest of people need time to recover and repair. When your body is resting this is when it has the ability to break down food and use the energy from the fuel to repair cells and tissue to revitalise the body as it requires a lot from the internal organs. If you are on the go all the time and asking the body to work, the internal organs are in constant use and cannot be used for the repair side of things. Next week I will be covering the best forms of exercise and recovery startegies to use to boost energy with some nutrition tips also. In the mean time the best thing you can do is review your stress levels and have a review of what is using up your energy. Then think about what you can cut back as far as output is concerned, look at like saving for a rainy day. From there you want to make sure you have the correct balance of eating well whilst enjoying your diet, regular exercise regime that boosts you rather than breaks you down and regular recovery and rest. By taking this overview of your lifestyle you will be building a base and structure to go on and keep improving your health and take you further than you’ve ever been with energy and motivation. Stay tuned for next weeks article on nutrition, exercise & recovery to build energy & motivation. Stay safe & healthy Craig

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