In this Total Health Insights podcast, Total Health founder Craig Ali¬†shares his own insights into building emotional resilience. It is a big subject that Craig will share Part 2 of at some point down the line, but in this episode, Craig covers two aspects that are very useful in building emotional resilience and awareness. Here, Craig explains Dr Paul Gilbert’s 3 Circles Model, which looks at our emotional systems, how they impact our brain, behaviours, physiology, and emotions plus how we can create greater physical, mental and emotional balance. Dr Paul Gilbert is a leading neuroscientist and evolutionary psychologist and creator of Compassion Focused Therapy. Through Craig’s mindfulness training with the Mindfulness Association, he has been exposed to a lot of Dr Gilbert’s work as it is a big part of the curriculum that they teach and has been fortunate enough to attend training workshops with Paul Gilbert and learn from the master himself. Craig also shares some of the Fundamental Pillars of mindfulness and Attitudes of Mindfulness in this podcast that can be adopted when we find ourselves in times of difficulty or just to help us make clearer decisions in our day.

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