As a small business ourselves, we understand the unique needs of SMEs, and how important it is to you to take care of your staff and offer attractive benefits to support them. Wellbeing programmes will help your staff be more resilient and manage the pressures of work-life balance, which directly translates to a positive impact on your business. Our wellbeing programmes have helped diverse SMEs grow, and build stronger teams internally.

Total Health offers a range of programmes to SMEs to fit your budget and time restrictions. We also offer tailored programmes, so please get in touch with your specific needs to find out how we can work with you.

Level 1: Health Assessments & Workshop

This programme is designed to inspire and educate staff to take control of and improve their fitness and lifestyle habits. The one-to-one health assessments provide a detailed check-up of their physical health, along with expert advice on how to improve on areas of need. To boost awareness and education, a qualified wellbeing instructor will deliver a Master Class Workshop of your choosing to your team.

Level 2: Health Assessments, Workshops, & Online Support

This programme builds on the initial awareness, inspiration, and education of Level 1 with a follow-up workshop conducted later in the year, in addition to continued online support. The workshops will be structured to best suit your team’s unique needs and have the greatest impact on employee wellbeing and performance. The ongoing online support gives your team unlimited access to expert information on nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, and fitness, allowing individuals to make big changes where they need to.

Level 3: Health Assessments, Workshops Series, & Online Support

Our highest level SME wellbeing programme offers year-round support for your staff, ensuring big changes in overall wellbeing and business performance. One-to-one health assessments are provided at the start of the programme, and are followed up 6-9 months later to track improvements on personal health goals. Expert practitioners provide a series of three workshops, building on the inspiration and education provided in the individual health assessments. Staff will have unlimited access to online support tools, including expert information on nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, and fitness. This programme will help each individual in your business build a sustainable personalised wellbeing plan, strengthen the business as a whole, and create a culture of energy, resilience, and positivity within your company.

Contact us now to discuss the wellbeing programme that will help take your business to the next level.