Success Stories

Client: Standard Life Investments
Their Goal: To become one of the world’s leading asset managers
Total Health Programme: Optimisation Programme

What we did

When Standard Life Investments (SLI) set a goal to become one of the world’s leading asset managers, they realised the vital importance of their employees’ wellbeing. We were recruited to energise the organisation worldwide and get them in shape to achieve their goal.

We have benefited from the expertise of Total Health in delivering over 70 team events and other wellbeing initiatives worldwide. They are tuned into our needs and committed to helping us deliver sustainable performance within the business. An engaging, knowledgeable and fun team to work with.

Total Health implemented our Workplace Wellbeing methodology: we began by raising awareness of sources of wellbeing; we inspired staff to take ownership of their health and use our insights to educate them about how to maximise wellbeing. We backed this knowledge up with a range of wellbeing solutions and tools that we built in partnership with SLI, to provide continual support for their employees. They included a wellbeing travel guideline for frequent business travellers, regular movement and meditation classes, group programmes for running, golf, ski conditioning, weight loss and mindfulness and a bespoke wellbeing portal for Standard Life employees.


SLI are now a global leader in asset management, and lead their recruitment programme with the slogan ‘Our people are the life blood of our company’. They manage more than £250 billion of investments on behalf of clients worldwide, employing 1,100 people in their Edinburgh headquarters, alongside offices in Boston, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Beijing, Sydney, Dublin and Seoul.

Client: Burness Paull
Their Goal: To support the team’s wellbeing and build personal resilience
Total Health Programme: Resilience programme, including Employee Health Checks

What we did

We ran a resilience programme for Burness Paull alongside our corporate wellbeing partners edoMidas. We implemented our Workplace Wellbeing methodology, and provided over 50 personalised lifestyle questionnaires and health checks. We helped each individual understand their wellbeing needs and make positive changes, based on their answers and aims.

95% of Burness Paull associates and directors felt that the health checks were useful and 100% felt that they were given quality information to help them make positive lifestyle changes going forward.


Our programme was designed to fit in with other Burness Paull benefits, including their healthcare programme, cycle-to-work scheme and free fresh fruit. 95% of staff said they felt the health checks were a useful part of their employment package.

Client: Murgitroyd
Their Goal: To build personal resilience and optimise leadership performance
Total Health Programme: Resilience programme

What we did

Patent and trade mark attorneys Murgitroyd were working on a leadership development programme in their business. Realising that wellbeing – and supporting wellbeing in team members – was an integral part of leadership performance, they commissioned Total Health to delivery an interactive two-day training programme. We worked across the leadership team, providing information and giving them exercises to manage stress, build personal resilience and optimise their leadership performance.

Total Health’s enthusiastic and engaging approach to health and wellbeing was a key factor in our team being so receptive to their advice. They provided our team with a range of techniques which they could choose from to help manage stress and improve their wellbeing. The team found the interactive group sessions to be both fun and informative and this informal structure was a key factor in the team to be so willing to fully engage in the sessions that Total Health provided.


The structure and style of our programme helped us achieve a high level of en- gagement with Murgitroyd’s team, helping them better manage workplace stress and fur- ther develop leadership performance.

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