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What is Total Health?

Total Health is made up of two areas: Total Health at Work to help upgrade employee wellbeing and Total Health & Movement, taking your own health to the next level through courses, retreats & coaching. 


Why Total Health & Movement?

Stress, burn out and fatigue are on the rise. People are under more pressure in this day and age plus have less time to look after themselves and less energy to give to their loved ones. Craig has been helping people under extreme pressure for nearly 20 years boost their energy & productivity, improve their mental health and get fitter than they have ever been.

What is total health?

Craig's Ethos

“Having been lucky enough to work with thousands of clients and businesses from all over the world with different demands and needs I have seen what humans need to function at their best. We all need to build a base of total health first of all that includes regular movement, managing our energy through diet, gaining control of our mind and habits supported with deep recovery.


My health and movement programs are designed to help the individual build from where they are to optimum health. I have helped people take some of their first steps after brain injury to a high level of fitness and cognitive output by building from the foundations up.

The workplace programs provide employees with awareness, education, inspiration and tools to improve their lives in and out work. Our working lives’ are a vital part of our wellbeing so my colleagues and I try our best to inspire each employee to take ownership of their energy and educate them on how to fit their wellbeing into daily living.

Please check out the main services below along with the resources in the blog page and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions around health & wellbeing. I will always try to give you my best opinion or pass you onto someone I think can help”

- Craig Ali, Founder

Start your personal mindfulness journey

Craig Ali's Introduction to Mindfulness

A video and audio e-learning course covering: 

  • An introduction to mindfulness and benefits with links to neuroscience research 

  • How to practice mindfulness and how to easily integrate it into your life. 

  • Understanding how to use the main supports of sound, breath and body in your practice.

  • Learning how to allow the mind to rest with whatever is present in both your meditation practice and life in general. 

  • Covering the concepts of how compassion and mindfulness come together and explaining Dr Paul Gilbert's 3 emotional systems model. 

  • Training our minds to observe the constant chatter and activity that goes on without reacting to it.

Including bonus material to continue your practice!​

Unlimited access for £49.99

Paypal and Stripe payments accepted

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“We have benefited from the expertise of Total Health in delivering over 70 team events and other wellbeing initiatives worldwide. They are tuned into our needs and committed to helping us deliver sustainable performance within the business. An engaging, knowledgeable and fun team to work with.”

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"Craig is at the forefront of his industry. He teaches life-changing stress-reducing techniques, that also increase energy, focus and wellbeing, incorporating both mind and body restorative workouts that are highly beneficial for both personal and work stress-related issues. As a business owner and father of three young children, I went to Craig for help in overcoming burnout that was negatively affecting my life. By working with him I have regained control of my health and completely changed the way I approach day-to-day activities. He is a consummate professional with a wonderful coaching manner. Above all he is committed, focused and results-driven."

Nick Workman, International Executive

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About Craig

Founder, Total Health

Craig has designed and delivered leadership training in resilience, mindfulness, physical and mental energy within the workplace for over a decade with success across 3 continents and over 3,000 employees.


Along with this Craig has coached world class athletes like world record breaking adventurers, ambassadors, CEO’s and thousands of professional people striving to improve their wellbeing and productivity.


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