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Online Classes & E-Learning
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We understand that times have changed and more employees need to work from home or in a more isolated and remote setting.


We appreciate that as an employer you want to provide your teams with as much support as possible whilst also considering budget.


This is why ‘Total Health at Work’ and ‘The Mindful Enterprise’ have collaborated to create an online programme where your teams can drop in and out of wellbeing sessions each week to support them in maintaining good wellbeing.

E-Learning courses on mindfulness, mental & emotional resilience plus physical health, immune system and cognitive energy are also available.


Please contact us for more details.

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Resilient Professionals Programme

  •  A 2 weekly drop-in mindfulness and movement classes for unlimited staff

  • Monthly masterclass – (variety of topics: mindfulness, resilience, physical health and wellbeing)

  • Investment: Ranging from £1,000 for 3-month subscription, £1,800 for 6-month

  • Not exclusive (If exclusive desired, a separate arrangement and cost can be agreed )

The following additional services can also be provided at an agreed cost: 

  • Bespoke wellbeing programmes (video, brochure and e-learning content)

  • Guest speakers

  • 5-day team challenges

  • one to one coaching (to support health, wellbeing and performance optimisation)


Employee Outcomes

  • Greater focus

  • Reduced stress / anxiety

  • Improved communication

  • Increased capacity for tolerance

  • Greater emotional control

  • Increased resilience

  • Reduced feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • Increase in happiness / overall wellbeing



  • Increased employee wellbeing

  • Reduction in stress related absence

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Greater team cohesion

  • Reduction in presenteeism

  • Increased colleague retention

  • Increased performance effectiveness

  • Supports CSR goals