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5 Simple Tips for Fat Burning

One of the main questions any health & fitness professional will get asked is: ‘What’s the best way to burn fat?’ People try all sorts of different methods of fat burning that they read about and there are a lot of mixed messages on this as there is with any health topic. It is fairly simple really- get your metabolism working so efficiently that it is burning fat and calories when you’re resting, I like to call it manipulating your metabolism! The best ways to do this are not rocket science and there are no real revelations here but they work and years of experience with hundreds of client’s using this system has proven that to me. I’m going to keep this very simple and straight forward due to their simplicity but the key is to make sure you do them. So what are the best ways to do this?

Burn more calories than you put in: Yes, I said it. The one thing you didn’t want to hear- if you burn more calories than you put in you will inevitably lose weight and a lot of that will be fat. Now we can get more ‘cute’ with the percentage of fat we lose rather than just losing weight but we will get to that. Eat Less. Move More! All within reason though. I recommend around a 200-400 calorie deficit per day.

Increase Daily Movement: This can be anything from walking to dancing, house work, jumping up and down on the spot- anything just move! It doesn’t need to be any specific amount at one time but just accumulated throughout the day. Aim for the simple 8-10k steps per day consistently.

Exercise Regularly: Every time you exercise your metabolism is boosted; this means that you burn more calories per hour after exercise along with the calories that you burn when you are exercising. Obviously it doesn’t stay boosted at this rate forever so regular exercise bouts will prevent this from slowing down. To get the metabolism stimulated, shorter bouts more consistently are better than doing 1 or 2 bigger bouts of exercise throughout the week. 4 x 30 min bouts could prove to be way more effective than 2 x 1 hour sessions. For weight/fat loss I like to split this into a couple of moderate intensity cardio session (ideally for around 45 min+ but 30 is good to start) and a couple of strength/metabolic circuits.

Hydrate Well: Now this won’t directly burn fat or help you lose weight but have a big impact indirectly. When you are dehydrated your body often ‘feels’ hungry due to certain hormones being released into the system so it is harder to avoid cravings. When hydrated, the body will be functioning more effectively and not be looking for lots of stimulants and snacks to ‘boost’ energy plus blood pressure and other vital systems are regulated through good hydration.

Eat 5+ Portions of Veg Daily: Again, not a direct impact on burning fat but it will help control diet and flood the body with lots nutrients that it needs to function at it’s best without taking in too many calories. Along with this there will be a high amount of pre-biotics in there for gut health and fibre to slow down the breakdown of your food and once again, reducing a lot of the sugar and junk cravings.

Now, whilst I appreciate this information is not rocket science, my experience shows me that it is not always straight forward changing our habits. That’s why over the years, I have looked to specialise in helping people more with this than the technical aspects of fat burning as they are very simple but the human mind can be more complex. A great book to help with this is the Beck Diet from leading CBT practitioner, Judith Beck. One of the most successful weight loss programmes world wide comes from a CBT practitioner, not a personal trainer or nutritionist so this shows how much of it is in the mind.

If you are interested in understanding the most effective ways of weight loss and fat burning plus how to tune the mind to change habits and stick to them, I will be coaching a small group (only 6 spaces available) throughout the month of Feb with my Total Weightloss Programme. I will provide a full manual with workouts, diet info, recipes, recovery techniques and tools for the mind plus be giving group sessions online each week covering the main topics and answering your questions. If you can’t make it they will be recorded for you to view. There will also be some pre screening so that I can advise the specific recommendations for your body and lifestyle. The average weight loss in previous programmes was around 10lbs over the month and some have lost as much as 18lbs over the month but with the mind-set of health coming first and sustaining the changes.

You can find out more here: Total Weight Loss Programme

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