• Craig Ali

Be the Eye of the Storm

The world is a very unsteady place at the moment with all sorts of uncertainty around and potential for us to get caught up in anxiety around current affairs. BUT.... Yes there is a but, we have way more control on our state than what we sometimes believe.

Using very simple techniques and choosing where to direct our focus and attention, we can reduce tension, heart rate and blood pressure, release 'feel good' hormones and move blood flow away from the survival part of our brain (amygdala) and to more useful parts.

By 'breaking your state' through getting outside, stretching, exercising, listening to music, eating a nice meal and of course meditating, you can go from high alert to the 'eye of the storm'! Below I've shared the link for a free basic mindfulness routine for you to download to use and share to teach you and your friends/family how to settle a busy mind down.

Enjoy and as I mentioned, feel free to share this download with anyone. If you find this useful and would like access to more of these practices and educated on what mindfulness is and how to implement it then you may want to check out my e-learning course: https://www.totalhealth.uk.com/intro-to-mindfulness-online-course If not, please use this free 'Settling the Mind' exercise as it could just help you stay, calm, focused and happy in these frantic times: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8bdxmtsl430or22/Settling%20the%20mind.mp3?dl=0

To your health, Craig

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