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Build Health & Immune System

With everything that we have faced globally with the Covid-19 situation, health and building our immune defenses are now at the forefront of everyone's minds. While there is definitely some expensive supplements that can (SUPPLEMENT) and great health resorts to go to, health can be free or inexpensive at least and be part of our daily living.

Here are some simple, effective & quick ways to boost your immune system & base health:

  • Sleep between 10pm & 5-6am (or as close to this as possible). Our deepest state of recovery goes on between 10pm and 2am so the deeper state of resting you are in, the more energy that you have to repair damage within the brain and body and replenish immune cells.

  • Practice deep breathing exercises 2-3 times per day. If you are wound up and running on stress- slow, deep breathing exercises (especially focus on the out breath being longer) will engage your para-sympathetic nervous system, which boost recovery and relaxation, making you use less energy and have more energy for the demanding immune system when needed. If you want to train your immune system to respond and wake yourself up, try more intensive breathing with a bigger breath in than out. Check out Wim Hof Method for a great breathing routine with a lot of science behind it proving it's benefits on the immune system.

  • Exercise daily where you slightly push yourself but always feel you have more in you (unless you just love the feeling of pushing yourself but remember this will weaken your immune system for the next day or two).

  • Eat 5 portions of veg each day & 2-4 fruits (trying eating organic seasonal fruit & veg also if possible). Fruits & veg are full of great fiber, antioxidants and nutrients that will help the body function better and boost the immune system.

  • Have a cold shower or a hot bath. Both work in slightly different ways but have very strong, positive effects on the innate immune system. They have been shown to be great to help your immune system when coming down with illness at early stages. Be careful though if you are past that stage and worn out from the illness as these are slight stressors on the body. If you are at that stage, rest and nutrition are your best lifestyle go to, along with consulting a doctor if needed.

  • Hydrate well (average around 1.5-2 liters of pure water). You can then take more through teas and coffees after this level of hydration. Water is need to make all of the organs in the body function well. When we are dehydrated, there is more pressure on all of these and we may not excrete waste and toxins within the body as efficiently either.

  • Meditate for 5-10 min each day. Meditation will take you into this para-sympathetic nervous system, just like the slow breathing to save energy and boost recovery whilst also doing great things for mental health.

  • Spend time in nature. There are endless studies showing how being in nature takes us into deep states of relaxation and bring us into balance hormonally along with how certain plants, trees etc. help build gut lining, and fight infections.

Even if you only do 2 or 3 of these to begin with you can have a big impact on health & immune system.

Please comment if you have any questions about these points and let me know how you get on. They are general guidelines to cover most people but as always with health, specifics may vary for each person and anyone with underlying health conditions or concerns of course should consult their doctor first of all if unsure!

To your health,


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