• Craig Ali

Mindfulness in Nature

At times trying to stick to a formal mindfulness practice can be challenging and sometimes gets a little boring. Whilst it is definitely worth pursuing the practice and working with this challenge of discipline and boredom, it is also ok to spice your practice up a little.

I find the best way to do this is by getting into nature. When we have a couple of simple directions (outlined below) nature can help us become very present and mindful plus has a long list of other benefits for the mind and body, which I will share in another post.

This simple mindfulness in nature practice I want to share with you can help build consistency with your mindfulness practice plus help the mind & body adapt to Autumn: - Intention: Go to a place you want to walk at or try just walking round the streets. Then switch off your phone & set the intention to be present on the walk. - Breathing: Take approx 10 slower, conscious breaths. Doesn't have to be intense, just more controlled, gentle breathing. - Hear: Pay attention to the sounds around you for 2 min. - See: Notice colours, shapes, light for 2 min. - Feel: Become aware of wind on the face, ground changing beneath feet, body sensations for 2 min. - Go off duty: Just walk, not trying to meditate or do anything, just walk! It's amazing how simple but effective this technique can be if you practice it and it can be counted as a formal meditation practice. No need to sit down at home getting frustrated with yourself... If you would like to learn more techniques like this plus have a weekend of relaxation, recharging and self care, you may want to join us on our next weekend retreat at Dalkeith country park, Midlothian on Nov 13th & 14th. There are weekend and day tickets available, which you can find out along with more info here:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wellbeing-weekend-retreat-1314th-november-2021-tickets-170967086157?fbclid=IwAR2WKpHJcPbpo7Jc5Dp-GEZ6IZbYN2L9WgEpSWiO11QLIHyecGVrcWS22DAffffffffffff To your health, Craig

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