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Staying Healthy Through Christmas

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

5 Top Tips to Staying Healthy Through Christmas: ⦁ Eat small amounts of protein regularly- With all of the sugar taken in this will help stabilize blood sugar & cravings. ⦁ Keep eating veg & fruit- Extra booze, late nights, indulgent foods, lots of sugar and stress from the madness of this year and getting to the end of it can just send us into this spiral of craving junk more and more! Keep at least 3 potions of veg and 2 portions of fruit in each day (preferably slightly cooked fruit & veg). This will keep your body fueled with good amounts of fiber to slow digestion and cravings down, help gut health and get lots of good nutrients and antioxidants into the body to balance out the endless chocolates and sausage rolls in between! ⦁ Keep moving- Movement and exercise will stimulate your lymphatic system and this is how we clear toxins within the body, helping you prevent illness, excess inflammation and probably more importantly it will burn some of those added calories. ⦁ Drink lots of water- Tiredness and cravings will come from being dehydrated a lot of the time so drink approx. 2 liters of fluid per day and at least 1 liter of that being pure water (the rest can be made up by teas, coffees etc). ⦁ Sleep- I know it sounds great and not always possible but try to use the end of the year holidays to regroup, unwind and relax. This will boost your immune system, clear toxicity in your brain, restore hormone balance and activate the relaxation response that will set you up for rest & repair.

So go and enjoy all of the delights and treats of Christmas, this year has shown us that life is too short not to. It has also shown us that nothing is more important than health and just because we are letting ourselves go a little, we can still keep ourselves in check with some simple habits that we maintain. As always, it’s about balance. As much of a cliché that sounds, it’s true!

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