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Workplace Mindfulness- Can it Improve Employee Wellbeing

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Recently we have been delivering a number of our workplace mindfulness courses and it is great to see companies taking the step to invest in these programs. Yes it is difficult at times to get senior management to buy into running these courses and yes organising the course can feel like another job to add to the ‘to do’ list but we are finding out with every course that we are delivering that they are having a big impact.

After gathering the results of our last two workplace mindfulness courses what we have found is that over 90% of participants reported an increase in their ability to focus and a reduction in stress along with many other benefits like- being kind and compassionate to self, thinking clearly, communicating better with colleagues and family, less worrying and less reactive to situations. This is with only less than 10% of participants attending all 6 weeks and with most only using short, informal practices in their daily lives.

How Mindfulness Impacts Employees

The results from our recent courses fit in-line with many other workplace mindfulness initiatives that have been introduced in organisations and there is also a lot of research being conducted on this, which is great as it is no good just having anecdotal results. Especially when business is driven on results. This means wellbeing has to produce results also! “In the working environment mindfulness can improve physical health, concentration, connectivity, communication, sense of community and enhance performance” (Klatt et. al. 2015). Following a 6 week workplace mindfulness course, Transport for London recorded 71% reduction in absence due to stress, anxiety and depression, as well as 64% improvement in sleep, 79% in the ability to relax and 53% increase in happiness at work! I would also like to share an interesting article in psychology today that shares some research and case studies.

It seems that the companies that do invest in mindfulness courses don’t regret it and it pays off in the long run but I’m sure as always, there is the minority that have experienced variable results.

To your health, Craig p.s. The most simple way of integrating mindfulness into your working day is by taking yourself for a break and eating your lunch or snack with no other distraction. Just you and your food. It will only take 10-20 min but give you so much back, please try it once per day.

Taster Session- Wellbeing Strategy
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