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Workplace Wellbeing

Resilient Manager

Offering resilience training for managers is a cost effective way of addressing wellbeing and productivity across your entire team.

When leadership and middle managers are happy, your organisation is happy and happy teams are good for business.

Nurturing, motivating and coaching employees while delivering on organisational goals is hard. Middle Managers are the most highly stressed, overworked and least healthy group within your organisation.

These unsung heroes play a critical role in your success, accounting for almost one quarter of the variance in revenue and an enormous 70% in employee engagement scores.

Why the need for Resilience Managers?

¾ of middle managers acknowledge that staff wellbeing is their responsibility but 80% don’t feel equipped to deliver on this. That gap offers significant opportunity to build organisational confidence and capacity towards a wellbeing strategy that works.

Different options for this programme can be adapted to suit your organisations needs and budget plus this programme can be delivered to any area of the business, not just managers. We have the experience and ability to make this specific to any professional team.

What you'll learn

  • Participants learn how to balance physical and mental energy, combining theory with practical tools to build competence in these critical areas for personal and leadership success.

  • Gain deeper emotional awareness to help regulate emotions and manage more mindfully.

  • Identify signs of burnout, anxiety and fatigue to help manage their own and support their teams wellbeing.

  • Learn how to trigger the ‘flow state’ and productivity within individuals and teams as a collaborative.


"Total Health’s enthusiastic and engaging approach to health and wellbeing was a key factor in our management team being so receptive to their advice. They provided our team with a range of techniques which they could choose from to help manage stress and improve their wellbeing. The team found the interactive group sessions to be both fun and informative and this informal structure was a key factor in the team to be so willing to fully engage in the sessions that Total Health provided."

Gordon Stark, CEO, Murgitroyd

Team Meeting

How you'll learn

  • This course begins with a range of personalised (and confidential of course) health questionnaires for each individual followed by a series of masterclasses in personal resilience, giving this overworked group a welcome chance to focus on themselves before coaching others.

  • Our masterclass series looks at how your managers build their own health and immune system by integrating some simple but effective habits followed by building greater awareness of the stress response, avoiding burnout and emotional reactions within self and others. There is key insight into managing emotions of themselves and their teams plus how to communicate mindfully and clearly. The final part of the series educates the managers on getting themselves and their teams into the ‘performance zone’ or ‘flow state’. A state that allows us to perform at high standard without burnout and with fulfillment.

  • One to one sessions are offered at the beginning and end of the masterclass series. This helps managers first address any areas of health that they need to tweak along with coaching on how to support their teams wellbeing and performance.

Investment: From £295 per delegate (Bespoke programmes can be created to suit budget)

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